USSO 290Y Contest Rules

Start from wherever you happen to be at 11:30.

Contest plan:
Operating period is 11:30 AM to noon (30 minutes total)

Need to keep a paper log
Four frequencies, suggest programming these into memories
146.49, 146.55, 146.58 MHz (146.52 is the national calling frequency, we’ll monitor that too in case there are problems)
432.10 MHz

Location: Seven possibilities,
Off-campus        (OC)
northeast quad    (NE)
northwest quad    (NW)
southeast quad    (SE)
southwest quad    (SW)
across Euclid.    (AE)
South campus (SC)
(do your best to figure out which are you’re in and stick with that designator)
Non-SAGES stations, say that.
Exchange: Callsign, location
Log: time, callsign, location

1 point for each contact
3 bonus points for contacting a non-SAGES station (in addition to contact point)
One multiplier for each location (maximum of 7)
Score is points times multipliers

Class location to be announced at noon on 432.10 MHz.

Let us know if there are questions!
David, AD8Y and Kristina, KD8OXT