Case Alumnus Article: Ham Radio Sloyd

My article on ham radio sloyd was just published in the Winter 2017 issue of Case Alumnus! Thanks to our friends at CAA for the beautiful formatting.

If you’re visiting this site because of the article, welcome! Please consider giving us a call or visiting during Thursday operating hours.

-Kristina KD8OXTCAA_Sloyd2.png

Exam Sessions This Week

We have exam sessions scheduled this Tuesday at 4pm and 2:30 and 5:30 on Thursday. All are welcome. Please see License Exams for more information.

-Kristina KD8OXT

UPDATE: The latter exam session on Thursday has been moved to 4pm on account of the Engineers’ Week Reception Thursday evening. An additional exam has been added to the schedule for this Friday at 4pm.

Congratulations to all who passed the exam today!

Scenes from SCR

Photos of Thursday operating hours – credit to Robert AC9MJ.

From Rachel AC8XY: The Case Amateur Radio Club has successfully finished the Spring 2017 ARRL School Club Roundup! We made 513 contacts, 456 through phone operation, across 44 states, 8 provinces, and 33 countries. We involved around 40 undergraduates – including the SAGES course students –  for 24 hours of operation. Our current score is 153,416, which is almost three times our fall 2016 results. Thank you all for your hard work!