March for Science

18010764_1257259741048681_8710972171078666509_n   18010848_1639914259353927_1977639123270622486_n 20170422_125005(0)

This past weekend, W8EDU operators helped coordinate operations for a very successful March for Science. The operators were:

Nathaniel Vishner KB1QHX – Net Control
David Kazdan AD8Y
Laura Gooch N8NFE
Robert Wiesler AC8YV
Kristina Collins KD8OXT
Brian Gao KE8DGK
Sissi Chen KE8GEX
Rishi Solanki KC1HCH

Standby operators:
Chris Mentrek KE8GTD
Brecken Blackburn KE8GTB
Jeff Rabinowitz KE8GVC
Swasey (K9 Unit)

Thanks to all who participated!

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