Sign up for Michelson-Morley Station, W8M

In two and a half weeks, the Physics and Astronomy Club is partnering with the Case Amateur Radio Club for a special event station on Saturday, October 7th. The event, held from 8 AM – 6 PM, celebrates the Michelson-Morley experiment, conducted 130 years ago on this campus in the basement of what is now Kent Hale Smith. As you may know, the Michelson-Morley experiment tried to measure changes in the speed light as it moved through the so-called luminiferous aether, and with a null result, it paved the way for Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Members of the radio club will be on the air discussing the experiment for amateur radio operators around the world, alumni will be visiting, there will be tours of the Glennan radio station, and we would love it if physics students were on hand to talk about the importance of the Michelson-Morley experiment and to show any interested parties the model in Rockefeller. You could also come up to the shack and operate the radio, no experience necessary.
If your interest is piqued in the slightest, you can indicate which times you are available using this form. Be sure to include in the comments section if you are with PAC.

We Made The (ARRL) News (W8EDU at Boxboro part II)

A group of us went to the ARRL New England Division Boxboro Convention in Boxborough, MA last weekend.  We were invited to present Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative (CARI) forum that was hosted by Yale University (W1YU).  Four schools presented Harrisburg Academy, Michigan State University (via skype because flights were reallocated for hurricane evacuation), West Point, and us Case Western Reserve University.  In terms of students presenting, it was West Point and us.  When Rachel (AC8XY) realized that the female cadets from West Point weren’t licensed yet she wanted to give them exams then and there.

We also brought back some treasures from the convention and flea market.  The biggest of these is a Motorola repeater, cabinet and duplexer, I believe it is a MSF5000, but I/we have much to learn.

If anyone is a (former{?}) Motorola engineer and/or wants to help us set up our repeater any and all help is welcome.  I for one have no clue what I am doing.

The ARRL news article featuring us:

W1YU’s (Yale) write up with pictures:

Facebook page with the W1YU link if anyone wants to comment:

-Nathaniel KB1QHX