Reverse Beacon Network Test

Here’s a cool propagation demo using the Reverse Beacon Network. We sent out “TEST TEST TEST DE W8EDU W8EDU W8EDU” on three different bands. Lines are drawn from our location, where it’s sunset, to each station in the network that picked up our signals. The green lines are 80m (not going much of anywhere until the terminator passes us in a few hours); the orange lines are 40m (going primarily to the night side of the terminator); and the purple lines are 20m (going primarily to the day side.)

-Kristina KD8OXT


P.S. – We’re still operating for School Club Round-Up tonight and tomorrow afternoon! Come join us.

Thanks, W8WGO

Many thanks to the Goldfarb family for their wonderful donation of items from Jack’s estate. David AD8Y and I picked up several items today, including the small items in the photo below and several transceivers. 

We got the sounder on Jack’s J-45 leg band key working…

…and Jack’s Icom IC-775DSP has taken up residence as our new second operating position. (It is. So. Nice.)

73 and, again, many thanks.

-Kristina KD8OXT

Special Event Station W8M

We had a fantastic turnout today for our special event station on homecoming weekend to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Michelson-Morley experiment. 50 attendees and 255 contacts! Thanks and 73s to all who turned up.


Nathaniel KB1QHX, distributing M&Ms and directing visitors from our table on the quad:

Jim W7AH and Rachel AC8XY survey the station while David AD8Y and Rob KD9HVY spread the word about Michelson and Morley:

Below: Skip AD0H and Tucker KE8HVW racking up contacts. Tucker is a student in the ham radio SAGES class this semester, and just got his license last week.

Kellen KE8HHV indicates the discone antenna that provided the 2m link between the radio shack and the table on the quad:

Silent Key W8WGO

W8EDU grieves the loss of our friend Jack Goldfarb, W8WGO. After this article ( appeared in the Plain Dealer last year, we invited Jack to join us for a visit and showed him our radio shack; he kept in touch with us since. Jack was an expert radio operator, and it was a privilege to know him. He will be dearly missed by all of us in the local ham community.