ARISS Debrief with Astronaut Jack Fischer

Last year, W8EDU helped out with activities at an Amateur Radio on the ISS contact hosted by the NASA Glenn amateur radio club, NA8SA, and the Northeast Ohio Girl Scouts. Today Jack Fischer K2FSH, who was on the ISS during that contact, held a debrief for NASA employees and met the Girl Scouts in person. Nathaniel KB1QHX and I were in attendance. Many thanks to Nancy and Steve Hall (KC4IYD and W8HF) for including us.

-Kristina KD8OXT

Getting Labs Ready for EECS 351… 

Modulation Systems will have some ham radio flavor this semester. Stay tuned.

In this photo, FLDigi is being used to modulate an image (left) as sound, which is picked up by the microphone of the computer on the right and demodulated. We’ll be using this as a lab exercise in the course. (First person to note in the comments what exactly is special about this specific image gets a prize!)

-Kristina, KD8OXT