Balloonsat Experiments at NASA Glenn

I’m out at Plumbrook Station today with a SignalHound spectrum analyzer borrowed from the RF/comm lab. As part of my summer work at NASA Glenn Research Center, I’m helping some of the other interns test a communications system for a balloonsat we’re planning to launch in mid-July. The methods we developed for spectrum recording during last year’s eclipse are very useful here – as are the handheld transceivers we’re using to talk between the payload and ground station.

-Kristina KD8OXT

Countdown to Field Day

Quite nearly ready for tomorrow! Four antennae and two operating positions strung and deployed. There’s a little left to be done tomorrow but not much, mostly installing the batteries, solar panels, and antenna tuner. Much thanks to alumnus Jim K8MR for his full day of help, expert advice, and loaning of antennas. Several of those wires were deployed at the farm for W8EDU Field Days 30 years ago.

-David AD8Y