Ohio QSO Party

…is in full swing! Dial 216.368.3579 to come join us in the radio shack.


Notes from apres contest:  We had a total of 31,706 points.  Top score in our category (multiop) was 64,3218; we’re about fifth out of fifteen in that category.  Not bad!

Ohio QSO Party – 12 to 12 Today

The Ohio QSO Party runs from noon to midnight today. We welcome Case students old and new to visit us in the ham shack and do some operating.
Students who want to check if there’s anyone there at the station may call 368-3579. Already licensed students may call on 146.550 MHz simplex; we will monitor that frequency at least while we’re in the radio room. See the Contact page at w8edu.wordpress.com for directions.