Cal Poly Trip: Cubesats and W6BHZ

Thanks to support from the electrical engineering department, club members Aidan Montare KB3UMD, Skylar Dannhoff KD9JPX and Kristina Collins KD8OXT were able to visit Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for the annual Cubesat Developers Workshop, as well as the first annual Cubesat training course.  While there, we also took the opportunity to visit W6BHZ, Cal Poly’s exceptionally active amateur radio club. A grand and very educational time was had by all.

The Performing Arts Center, complete with pipe organ.


Skylar tries out a Hololens-based orbital mechanics demonstration from JPL.

Dinner at the SLO Farmers Market.

Per tradition, the Cubesat Developers Workshop concluded with a bonfire at Avila Beach.

The W6BHZ antennas.

Outside W6BHZ’s shack.

Inside W6BHZ’s shack.

Graduation flair. (We should do this at Case…)

Eyeball QSOs.

Sundry equipment, including some elegant tape measure Yagis.

Surveying the Cal Poly campus from the hillside P.

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