Congratulations to W2NAF and W3PR

Two friends of W8EDU received awards at Dayton Hamvention this year: HamSCI founder Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF received the Amateur of the Year Award for his work connecting the amateur and research communities. Angel Vazquez WP3R, Head of Operations at Arecibo Observatory, received the Excellence Award from Yasme for his weeks of exemplary emergency operations on HF in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Congratulations!

Field Day: Saturday-Sunday 22-23 June 2019 (plus Friday 21 for setup) at the CWRU Farm in Hunting Valley.

Watch this space for more details, but look for us in The Pink Pig.

The operating period will 2:00 PM Saturday to 2:00 PM Sunday EDT, and we will be building the station and stringing antennas in the trees on Friday. Visitors and helpers for operating the station, keeping the antennas going, cooking, teaching most any radio-related topic you like, schlepping, and even breaking the whole thing down on Sunday afternoon are entirely welcome.  Field Day is amateur radio’s open house, come join us!  Operate the station, talk into the microphone to amateur radio stations all over the US, Canada, and the world!  It’s fun!

We will have an amateur radio exam session, probably Saturday afternoon, so study up and take your license exam then.  See our page here on preparing for the test.

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