We Made the Cover of “Rolling Stone!” Read all about it on the Shortwave Radiogram this weekend

Rolling Stone, well, maybe not really.  But HamSCI/CWRU’s Festival of Frequency Measurement, 1 October 2019 UTC (beginning the evening of 30 September in the Americas) is the feature article of the American Radio Relay League’s web siteCQ magazine’s podcast, Ham Talk Live’s podcast #181, and, incredibly enough, The Shortwave Radiogram.  That last deserves some comment.

Dr. Kim Elliot’s Shortwave Radiogram began as a program on Voice of America.  It provides print journalism for people who have a basic shortwave radio and a computer with a sound card, but no internet access.  As the program was defunded by VOA, Dr. Elliot took it to commercial shortwave broadcasters such as WRMI Radio Miami International .  To read the material and see the pictures transmitted, set your shortwave radio for AM, tune the station at the appointed time, and run the audio to as computer running the free-download software fldigi.

Set fldigi for opmode MFSK-32 and the center frequency cursor to 1500 Hertz.  Click the upper right box marked RSID so that any mode changes will happen automatically.

You should get a slow screenful of articles with associated pictures.

With that same shortwave radio, listen to WWV on 1 October and send in a reception report.  The engineering staff there will send back the special acknowledgement card printed for the centennial.  The address there is

wwv@nist.gov, or sent via postal mail to:

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Radio Station WWV
2000 E. County Rd. 58
Fort Collins, CO 80524

In the custom of shortwave radio, they will post your signal report QSL card, so mail one in.

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, contact WW0WWV 28 September through 2 October from the Fort Collins site of WWV.

Or check it out here.

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