American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (Bonus Visit to KPH/KSM)

Kristina KD8OXT and David AD8Y traveled with Laura N8NFE to San Francisco this past week to attend the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union and present a poster on our current research.


It was an excellent chance to confer with our colleagues from HamSCI, learn more about the state of the art in ionospheric science, and check out what’s going on in all facets of geoscience right now. AGU is vast, with attendance on the order of 25,000 people in fields ranging from volcanology and seismology to space physics. The presence of so many disciplines in one place offers opportunities for participants to network across them, putting together collaborations that might otherwise never occur.

On our last day in town, we made time for a visit to KPH/KSM, the last commercial ship-to-shore radio station operating in Morse Code, which is maintained by the Maritime Radio Historical Society.  AD8Y picked up his RADAR endorsement, we enjoyed pastries with the crew (on vintage RCA china) and we sent out a CW radiogram to all ships at sea:


We thank our coauthors for their contributions and the NSF for facilitating our attendance, and we hope to present at more AGU meetings in the future.

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