Congratulations to N8OBJ!

Congratulations to our lab director and technical advisor, John Gibbons N8OBJ, for his code related to our HamSCI research project, which just appeared in the latest version of the fldigi software package!

Update: version 4.1.11 included a bug on that prevented it from working on Windows platforms. The newest release, 4.1.12, includes fixes and should allow Windows users to take advantage of John’s code changes.

Wed Apr 1 2020 - Version 4.1.11

  *** Bug fix release ***

    * segmentation fault fix
      - change cwio_morse to *cwio_morse


  analysis mode
    * changes to data file output - submitted by John Gibbons, N8OBJ


John’s code will help us and the HamSCI community as we develop a network of citizen science receivers to study the ionosphere. It will also aid the general Amateur Radio community in making frequency estimation measurements of whatever signals are interesting to them!

Go download the latest version, and get involved!


Aidan KB3UMD

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