Field Day 2020

Field Day is this weekend (from 1800 UTC Saturday to 2059 UTC Sunday)!

Many licensed amateurs may be without access to radio equipment currently, but if you do have equipment, we’d encourage you to make a couple contacts and submit a field day entry. We’d love to have as many people from W8EDU participate as possible.

If you like, you can put that you are a part of W8EDU in your entry, and all our scores will be tallied together and displayed in addition to everyone’s individual scores.

For those who are new to field day, I’ll be having an Introduction to Field Day session on Saturday from 12:15 to 1:15 pm EDT (Field Day itself starts 2 pm EDT). No experience is required! (You may need an amateur radio license unless you have access to an amateur who’s willing to assist you.) We’ll go over what the event is, as well as talk about how to record and submit your entry. We should also have time for general discussion. Friends and alumni of the club are also welcome to join or just say hello.

I sent the meeting invitation via email. If you’re not on our mailing list, you can contact us (my email is listed there) and we’ll send the invitation your way.

Remember to be safe, and I hope everyone has the best field day possible!

— Aidan KB3UMD