Exploring Bit Error Rate with FLDigi

CWRU Comm Lab

Today’s recommendation for teachers: A fun demonstration of bit error rate if all you have to work with is an A/V system and some laptops, sending text and images via audio using various digital modes in FLDigi. We used this demo in this morning’s EECS 351 (Digital Modulation) class, sending text and images from one end of the classroom to the other using only audio. Having a good microphone at the receiving end is helpful, but with a bit of adjustment it’s possible to use the built-in microphone in most laptops.


We sent text over BPSK, QPSK and 8-PSK and compared the error rates of the different modes. This was the sample text we used:

Parkin was quoted in an article titled “The Feminine Wireless Amateur,” which appeared in the October 1916 issue of The Electrical Experimenter:

“With reference to my ideas about the wireless profession as a…

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