W8EDU Presents at HamSCI 2021

We had another large showing from the Case Amateur Radio Club at HamSCI 2021, which was held virtually this year on March 19-21.

W8EDU members were involved in (in the order that they appeared in the program):

Kristina Collins KD8OXT served on the science/program committee that selected topics for the conference.

PSWS Grape Hardware: Version 1.0 and Pilot Experiments  Kristina Collins KD8OXT

PSWS Grape Hardware: The Second Generation John Gibbons N8OBJ

David Kazdan AD8Y served as moderator for a discussion section.

Kristina Collins served as the chair of the third session of talks, as well a brand-new experimental co-design session.

December 2020 Eclipse Festival Analysis Kristina Collins KD8OXT

Data Collection from WWV, WWVH, and WWVB: A Histoanatomy of NIST’s Radio Beacon Transmissions David Kazdan AD8Y

RJOVER: An alternative approach using SDR technology to reduce costs for the NASA Radio JOVE citizen science effort  Skylar Dannhoff KD9JPX

W8EDU: Case Amateur Radio Club from 2010 to 2021 Aidan Montare KB3UMD and Kristina Collins KD8OXT

The full conference program, with links to recording of the sessions, slides, and posters, is available at https://hamsci.org/hamsci-2021-program. (Eventually, edited videos of each presentation will be available on this page, but for now, the full recordings of each session are available.)

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