ARRL Frequency Measuring Test (April 2021)

The Case Amateur Radio Club W8EDU participated in the Frequency measuring test this past week, scoring with less than 2 Hz error on all frequencies. Our best score was on 7 MHz, where the club scored an error of just 10 millihertz, or a little over 1 part per billion!

Operating the station were Frankie Bonte KE8HPA, Adam Goodman KJ7RPK, Sergei Prokvolit KE8QFY, and Skylar Danhoff KD9JPX.

We also had several current and former club members participate, including David Kazdan AD8Y, Jim Galm W8WTS, and John Gibbons N8OBJ. We especially congratulate John, who scored in the infamous green box for less than 1Hz error on all frequencies!

We hope to see everyone at the next Frequency Measuring Test!