Recent exam session

W8EDU’s most recent license exam session last night had an excellent turnout, and many new licensees! 16 attendees passed their technician exam, and 2 passed their general exam, reports faculty advisor David Kazdan. Included among the new licensees were students working on senior projects sponsored by the Case Amateur Radio Club, as well as members of the Case Rocket Team, Flying Club, and the introductory circuits class ENGR 211 taught by Larry Sears.

We look forward to the new licensees receiving their callsigns, and performing their new operator exercises at the station!

Update: Yet more new licenses added 30 October 2021:

Eabha Abramson, KO4TYW

Andrej Antunovic Z35TUN (North Macedonia) added US General license K8TUN

Aneesha Avasthi, KE8RVI, upgrade to General Class

Madeline Barto, KC3SWT

Richard Chen, KE8TBD

Adam Cordingley, KE8ITF, upgrade to General Class

Gabriel Foss, KD9TOS

Jacob Fraiman, KD2YCW

Adam Goodman, KJ7RPK, upgrade to General Class

Rachel Hopey, KE8TDH

Jennifer Lawrence, KE8SYR

Ryan Marks, KN6RBK

Owen McCarthy, KC1PYJ

Benjamin Nelson, KC3SWS

Olivia O’Brien, KC3SXB

Ricardo Pobega, KE8TBH

Benjamin Poulin, KC1PYL

Laura Schwartz, KC1PYH

Simon Schwartz, KC1PYK

Hannah Shindler, KC1PYI

Myles Smith, KE8TBF

Shichao Su, KE8TBG

David Walker, KE8TBE

Contact the club officers if you’re interested in operating the station or qualifying for your own license.

email or visit

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