They’re playing our song! (WWV/H Scientific Modulation)

Tune in to WWV at 8 minutes past the hour or WWVH at 48 minutes past the hour to hear the first test signals from the WWV Scientific Modulation Working Group, announced by yours truly. More information here:

If you aren’t near your HF radio, you can tune in via SDR at, or call in to the VoIP time service for either station Hawaii. To hear these broadcasts, dial (303) 499-7111 for WWV (Colorado), and (808) 335-4363 for WWVH (Hawaii).

73 de KD8OXT

Slight update, due to a phone hardware complication at WWV their phone number is not currently playing the science test signals. This situation may change moving forward. Due to the custom nature of the stations apparently simple problems don’t always have straight forward solutions. You can still call in to Colorado if you want to check that time is progressing linearly, but you won’t get to hear scheduled tones, chirps, and noise bursts on your phone. If unscheduled tones, chirps, and noise bursts are present on your phone please contact your service provider. If you want to hear science from WWV on 8 minutes past the hour you’ll need to do it over the air using receiver belonging to you or someone else.

73 de KB1QHX

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