A very popular use of Amateur Radios is to improve communication resilience during emergencies or big events. Usage scenario includes EmComm during Severe Weathers, Natural Disasters, Terror Attack/Cyber Attack, or enhance communications during big events such as Marathon. Boston Marathon attack in 2013 was an example on how Amateur Radio can help in desperate times.

W8EDU as a member of Cuyahoga County ARES, Cuyahoga County Skywarn, ARES District 10, N8ESG Event Support Group, has provided support throughout the years. We are commited to provide manpower, and technical support to enhance the resiliency of EmComm in Greater Cleveland Area.

We are always looking for new members to join us with the mission of improve communication resiliency! If you are interested in joining us, please contact David AD8Y@case.edu.

Designated Devices:
W8EDU Packet Radio System
W8EDU APRS Digipeater
W8EDU Echolink Node (Comming soon….)

Active Members:
AD8Y – David
KB1QHX – Nathaniel
KC7IJK – Greg
Former Members:
K1QCD – Frank

Study materials for Level 2 Membership with Ohio ARES:
In order to be considered a Level 2 member of Ohio ARES, you will need to complete the follow 4 FEMA Courses and hold a valid technician license.
The NIMS Initial Courses:
FEMA IS-100.c
FEMA IS-200.c
FEMA IS-700.b
FEMA IS-800.d
For More information, refer to here.

Skywarn Training:
For Skywarn Training, contact Mat KC8NZJ for more information.