Field Day

ARRL Field Day is always held on the fourth full weekend in June.

2022: The Case Amateur Radio Club W8EDU will be holding Field Day at CWRU’s  Farm.

Squire Valleevue Farm is 37125 Fairmount Boulevard in Hunting Valley, about 1.5 km (a little less than a mile) east of SOM Center Road.  We will be in The Pink Pig, with antennas lofted in the trees around that building.

We will be there Friday 24 June building the station and lofting the antennas (the pneumatic tennis ball cannon is great fun) and we will operate the station 25-26 June.  The operating period is 2:00 PM EDT Saturday to that time Sunday.  Join us!  This will be our first Field Day there since 2019; with a crew of mostly beginners, our plan is to run a Category 2A-Commercial station with the club’s go-box and the FT-991A from the Glennan hamshack.  Antennas are planned to include a 135′ flat-top for 6 through 10 meters, a 40 meter dipole, and a W8JK fixed beam on 20 meters.

We will have the go-backpack and plan to have an instructional session in transferring radiograms digitally using that.  We will hike off the Field Day site to receive the formal written traffic, our “Victorian Tweets.”

Operate the station!  We get points in the contest for the under-18 set making contacts, so bring them.  Consider giving a 15 minute talk on some topic of your choice, or sending a radiogram, or operating the station, or cooking a meal, or perhaps staying after the operating period Sunday to help clean up.

Every party should have a call-in frequency; this one’s will be 146.55 MHz FM simplex. If you have an HT, check in enroute to ask directions or say hello and log a contact for us.

There will be a Sunday morning bird walk led by expert birder and federally-licensed bird bander Laura Gooch N8NFE.

For club members who are not near campus this summer, we encourage anyone with a license and basic radio equipment at their home to try and participate. See this post for more details.

The remaining part of this page describes Field Days past.

Up for volunteering? Bringing food? Need a ride? Have a car? Please sign up here to coordinate all these things!

W8EDU is having our annual Field Day party this summer (June 22-23, 2019) out at Squire Valleevue Farm, and you’re invited! We’ll be operating from and staying overnight in the farm cottage, known as the Pink Pig. Plenty of  parking is available next to the building.

Field Day is a two-day amateur radio holiday when hams across North America are encouraged to get on the air and practice operating for emergency preparedness. It’s also a great opportunity to operate if you’re new to ham radio. No license is required to participate. It’s also worth extra points when guests under the age of 18 operate, so bring your whole family.

We welcome experienced hams, beginner operators, the not-yet licensed, and the merely curious. We will coach you through the experience, and licensed operators will provide legally-required supervision. Feel free to come by for any part of the event. Free license exams will be offered, as well, for anyone interested in getting licensed or upgrading.

Walk-ins are welcome, but please RSVP on the event’s Facebook page if possible so we can get a rough headcount.

Here’s the schedule (subject to change):

Friday, June 21, 2019
-Trips out to the Farm to get things ready. To volunteer, please sign up on the spreadsheet linked above.

Saturday, June 22, 2019
-Noon: Getting things organized. Lunchtime! If you want to help set up, this is a good time to arrive.
-2pm: Setup begins, followed by operation.
-5-8pm: Potluck dinner.
-9pm-9am: Night shifts.  We have plenty of space to sleep over  in the Pink Pig. CW operators are particularly welcome for this portion…

Sunday, June 23, 2019
8am (ish) – Birding walk (bring binoculars!)
10am (ish)- Breakfast, then more operating.
1pm (ish): Lunch, then more operating.
5pm: End of operations and cleanup.

Things to Bring:
-Friends and family! No license is needed to operate, and those not enchanted by radio have 400 acres of trails to explore. There will also be ample opportunity for birding, so bring binoculars. We particularly welcome children, as their contacts are good for more points and more fun.
-Handheld transceivers and foxhunt antennas.
-Amateur radio equipment, wire, tools, and anything else you think might be useful. Semper paratus.
-If you plan on staying over, bring pajamas and a toothbrush. Pillows and sleeping bags are also advisable; we have beds but no sheets.

Things to Not Bring:
-Other Devices of Hooliganism
-Tobacco products: smoking is no longer permitted at the Farm.

This page will be updated as needed with more information about the event. Please send questions to

Photos from Previous Years:
Field Day 2017
Field Day 2018

One thought on “Field Day

  1. The Sunday 8:00 AM birdwalk will be led by Laura Gooch N8NFE, a federally-licensed bird bander and expert birder. She will bring some bird recording equipment and show off the avian equivalent of weak-signal DXing–but you’ll have to be quiet!


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