License Exams

W8EDU is currently administering licensing exams through the Laurel VEC, which charges no exam fees. For our current exam schedule, look here:

0) Sign up for the Exam: If you’ve already got a Technician class license or higher, you can easily register at the exam session. If you haven’t got a callsign yet, you’ll need either a Social Security Number or FCC Registration Number to sign up. You may want to register for an FCC Registration Number (FRN) before coming to the exam. Bring your FRN and the address you used to register for it with you. If you don’t have a SSN, you’ll need to register for an FRN; note that ham radio has no citizenship requirement.

1) Study for the Exam: The Technician class exam is 35 multiple-choice questions, of which you need to get 27 correct to pass. All possible questions are publicly available in the question pool: . We recommend the No-Nonsense Study Guide 2018-2022 to cover the exam material. If you prefer something more in-depth, the club has license manuals for all 3 classes that you can borrow. There are also manuals in the KSL collection, and available through OhioLink. We recommend the summary-style manuals, rather than the Q&A ones. Take practice tests at to ensure you’re prepared to take the exam; another site (that has the current Technician question pool) is A couple more are This is a good indicator of readiness: If you’re not generally passing practice exams, you’re probably not ready; if you’re passing them reliably, then you probably are.

2) Come to the Exam Session: Here’s a list of what you should bring: We do not have an exam fee. There is no time limit for the exam sessions. Expect the exam, with grading, to take a couple of hours. Once you pass the exam, you can…

3) Use your License: Once you’ve picked up your license, come to club operating hours (Thursdays from 7-9pm) in the radio shack. If you’re wondering what to do with your license, or are interested in picking one up, operating hours are a good place to start.

Interested in Joining Our VE Team?

If you’re a General or Extra class operator, you can become a Laurel or ARRL Volunteer Examiner, join our VE team, and receive our gratitude and dibs on occasional pizza. To become a Laurel VE, show up early to one of our exam sessions with license and ID and we’ll get you signed up – you can start giving exams right away. To get started on becoming an ARRL VE, click here: