We are in the process of setting up a UHF repeater on campus.  It is a Motorola MSF5000, and should be running about 10 watts.  We have the Motorola Diagnostic Metering Panel TLN2419A.

Currently we have just scratched the surface on this project, and still have a lot to learn, but it is starting to look like a functional repeater.  Any members who are interested in learning and helping to set this up are welcome.  Anyone with expertise to lend in setting up a repeater would also be appreciated.

Still on the to do list is determining appropriate antennas as well as their spacing.  Currently we are looking at a dipole into a duplexer for the first “real” antenna as I am not counting the dummy load it is currently attached to.  When we have the repeater resembling functional we will also be attempting to put it on Echolink and IRLP.

Eventual frequencies pl and Echolink/IRLP information will be published here once they are available & operational.

-Nathaniel KB1QHX

(Updated May 3rd 2018)