ARISS Debrief with Astronaut Jack Fischer

Last year, W8EDU helped out with activities at an Amateur Radio on the ISS contact hosted by the NASA Glenn amateur radio club, NA8SA, and the Northeast Ohio Girl Scouts. Today Jack Fischer K2FSH, who was on the ISS during that contact, held a debrief for NASA employees and met the Girl Scouts in person. Nathaniel KB1QHX and I were in attendance. Many thanks to Nancy and Steve Hall (KC4IYD and W8HF) for including us.

-Kristina KD8OXT


Getting Labs Ready for EECS 351… 

Modulation Systems will have some ham radio flavor this semester. Stay tuned.

In this photo, FLDigi is being used to modulate an image (left) as sound, which is picked up by the microphone of the computer on the right and demodulated. We’ll be using this as a lab exercise in the course. (First person to note in the comments what exactly is special about this specific image gets a prize!)

-Kristina, KD8OXT

Congratulations, Fall Term Licensees!

A list of all the callsigns granted since June through W8EDU exams. Many thanks to Laurel VEC, the CWRU EECS department, and all our dedicated Volunteer Examiners.

Zachary Perlo KC1IEV
David Fulton KC1IRO
Matthew Stover KC3JXF
Brian Rupp KC3KJN
Malcolm Reitmeyer KC3KJO
Alberto Safra KD2OFW
Nicole Munson KD2OFX
Duncan Van Dyck KD2OFY
Bennett Sherman KD2OKY
Zitong Zhang KD2OUP
Kevin Nash KD9JJC
Andrew Tuchler KD9JJD
Skylar Dannhoff KD9JPX
Reed Kurtenbach KD9JUJ
David Merriman KE0PLF
Chris Ricchiuto KE8CSM (General-class)
Thomas Milyo KE8DGM (General-class)
James Patrizi KE8EZS (Amateur Extra-class)
Christina Gallishen KE8GEY (General-class)
Kellen McGee KE8HHV
Evan Lanese KE8HHW
Carter Waligura KE8HVS
Vo Tri Tin Pham KE8HVT
Clarissa Djohari KE8HVU
Emily Reyes KE8HVV
Tucker Schmidt KE8HVW
Sahaam Mirza KE8HVX
Evan Guarr KE8HVY
Justin Shearson KE8HVZ
Rachel Zable KE8HWA
Michael Girbino KE8IEY
Chude Qian KE8IKA
Shangran Li KE8IKB
Tiffany-Thao Nguyen KE8IKC
Sarah Deng KE8IKD
Aaron Grgurich KE8IKY
Caroline Broady KE8IKZ
Marques Manta KI7RAO
Yidi Huang KN4GEP
Matt Conley KN4GLR


Reverse Beacon Network Test

Here’s a cool propagation demo using the Reverse Beacon Network. We sent out “TEST TEST TEST DE W8EDU W8EDU W8EDU” on three different bands. Lines are drawn from our location, where it’s sunset, to each station in the network that picked up our signals. The green lines are 80m (not going much of anywhere until the terminator passes us in a few hours); the orange lines are 40m (going primarily to the night side of the terminator); and the purple lines are 20m (going primarily to the day side.)

-Kristina KD8OXT


P.S. – We’re still operating for School Club Round-Up tonight and tomorrow afternoon! Come join us.

Thanks, W8WGO

Many thanks to the Goldfarb family for their wonderful donation of items from Jack’s estate. David AD8Y and I picked up several items today, including the small items in the photo below and several transceivers. 

We got the sounder on Jack’s J-45 leg band key working…

…and Jack’s Icom IC-775DSP has taken up residence as our new second operating position. (It is. So. Nice.)

73 and, again, many thanks.

-Kristina KD8OXT