Field Day 2017

We had a splendid Field Day at the Case Farm! Almost 700 contacts, beautiful weather, good food, some excellent lectures and a successful exam session. Thanks and congratulations to all who operated, organized, cooked, cleaned, lofted antennas, and passed exams over the course of the weekend, and a special thanks to Squire Valleevue Farm for hosting us.

CWRU All[in] Day of Giving

June 14th is the annual CWRU Day of Giving, an annual online donation event to raise funds for student activities at CWRU. The Case Alumni Association is supporting the amateur radio club in this event, during which donations will be matched by anonymous donors. If you wish to support the ham radio club by donating, go to the GiveCampus page, select “Give Now,” and designate your donation as “Other,” then type “Case Amateur Radio Club/W8EDU” under “Designation.” Donations will be used to support long-term club infrastructure, including future tower maintenance and replacement. Please direct any questions about donations to Thanks!

Tracking the ISS with NA8SA

On Friday, had a successful test run with the fine folk of NA8SA in preparation for an ARISS contact with the Girl Scouts in a couple of weeks. Beautiful reception of packet transmissions from NASA Glenn. Hopefully the ARISS contact goes as smoothly!

-Kristina KD8OXT

Glennan Roof Repairs – Operations Suspended for Summer

The Glennan roof is being replaced this summer. The towers and radio facilities will not be affected, but shack access will be suspended for the 6-8 week duration of the project. We should resume operations in late summer or early fall. Further bulletins will be posted here.

In the meantime, save the date for Field Day (June 24-25) and the Michelson-Morley special event station coming up in the fall.

ARL 46 and ARL 56 to AD8Y

Congratulations to our own David AD8Y on receiving the Wittke Award for Undergraduate Teaching! And a very happy birthday, as well – which, as it turns out, he shares with Samuel F. B. Morse. 
We concluded this semester’s classes with a foxhunt, pizza, and appropriately themed cakes.

March for Science

18010764_1257259741048681_8710972171078666509_n   18010848_1639914259353927_1977639123270622486_n 20170422_125005(0)

This past weekend, W8EDU operators helped coordinate operations for a very successful March for Science. The operators were:

Nathaniel Vishner KB1QHX – Net Control
David Kazdan AD8Y
Laura Gooch N8NFE
Robert Wiesler AC8YV
Kristina Collins KD8OXT
Brian Gao KE8DGK
Sissi Chen KE8GEX
Rishi Solanki KC1HCH

Standby operators:
Chris Mentrek KE8GTD
Brecken Blackburn KE8GTB
Jeff Rabinowitz KE8GVC
Swasey (K9 Unit)

Thanks to all who participated!

March for Science Logistics

Here’s the logistics information for the March for Science this Saturday. All hams, Case-affiliated or otherwise, are welcome to join us by checking in on the listed frequencies at the event.


Meet at Public Square at 8:15 am. Come earlier if you want to assist with setup. Call in on 146.55 MHz when you arrive. Activities will run from 9-10 am, followed by the rally at 10 am, and the march at 11 am. If you can only make it for part of the event, check in on 146.55 when you arrive.

Frequencies: Net control will be Nathaniel Vishner, KB1QHX. Call on 146.55 MHz, with auxiliary frequencies 146.58 MHz and 432.10 MHz.

Stuff to Bring:
-Your handheld radio (make sure it’s charged!)
-Headset, manual, extra batteries
-Water and snacks
-Hat or sunscreen (forecast is 53 F, cloudy)
-A notebook for jotting down frequencies (or radiograms!)

If you have any questions about the march, email me at 73!

-Kristina KD8OXT