A Little Outing – Trying out our new Icom IC-705 on the Case Quad

Pictured: Andrej Antunovikj K8TUN (foreground)
and Matthew Canel KE8NZR (hand model.)

Today was an interesting day for the Case Amateur Radio Club (then again, what day isn’t?) — we got to test out some new equipment and increase the campus’ awareness of our club at the same time!

Andrej Antunovikj K8TUN, David Kazdan AD8Y and Matthew Canel KE8NZR took to Narnia to fish out a nifty dipole which can both transmit and receive on the 40, 20 and 10 meter bands, covering most of the commonly traversed HF space. Andrej strung it between two trees on the quad, led some coax cable out of it and connected it to the club’s new portable rig, the Icom IC-705. That’s really all it takes! Within 20 minutes or so, we were on the air. Andrej and Matt tried to make some SSB (phone) contacts, while David attempted CW — of the two, only David was successful at making a contact, partly thanks to CW’s ability to be decoded more easily. Our little experiment drew up a crowd of both people who had no idea we existed and members of the club alike; most notably, partway through the outing, Sergy Prokvolit KE8QFY saw us as he was leaving class and joined the fun.

We’ll be sure to have more of these outings, if the weather permits, of course!

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